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Under Pressure ~ Pressure Cooker Mexican Chicken

  Microwave Pressure Cooker – Round 3 (ignore that.. I think we’re way past that number now.) Huh… (head scratch) I coulda sworn I did this already. But, in going through and readjusting things for the new layout, I realized I didn’t actually do any of the original cooker tests. I’m feeling a little like […]

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99 cans of chickpeas on the wall…

For the most part – they’ve been there a year. Back last October when I was preparing for the “Party with a Pretty Dress”, in the middle of packing the truck for the 5 hour drive, I rationally ¬†ran to the market and picked up 15 cans of discount chickpeas. Thinking, that on top of […]

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Guest Post – From Morocco with Love ( A Moroccan Dinner)

Today is a treat. I am truly honored that I have a guest post from Jenn with Pint-Sized Pioneering. It isn’t often that I have guest posts (although, I’m wondering as I write…why the heck not?)There is something¬† you need to know about Jenn, actually, a couple of things.1.Jenn Raises Chickens – not the “I […]

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