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Snacktime! ~ Honeycomb Popped Corn

I like me some Caramel Corn. However, the thought of popping corn, cooking a syrup, mixing it up, then baking it for 45 minutes to an hour JUST to get it where you can eat it… is  WAY more effort than I want to put in a snack. Over a year ago while Jane and […]

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Six, the Easy Way ~ Vegetable Tamales

Mexican Restaurants – Whether it’s the strength of the margaritas, the freshness of their chips, the scoville scale of their salsa, or just how “authentic” it all is; everyone has their own way of judging a good one. Me? I look at two things. 1). Chili Rellenos : Is it a charred poblano pepper? Does it have a […]

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Curb Market Crawl – The Cob & Run Culprits

Every other day for the past week, there has been a bushel of corn on the front porch. Those wonderful, well-meaning do-gooders are keeping me up to the ears (pun intended) with juicy fresh corn…. and I’m not complaining….. …yet. You’ll find three distinct types of good corn up here in North Georgia. Note, I […]

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