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Chocolate Comfort Food Depression Desserts

Roll on One – Clara’s Chocolate Roll

Since we’re coming up on our anniversary (we’re starting our 4th year this month)… or birthday… or however it is that we keep track of non-living things – I’m going back to the recipe that started it all at Plate Fodder. It’s my great grandmother’s Chocolate Roll. This is a recipe that speaks volumes of […]

Breads Comfort Food Desserts Pudding

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread… and the resulting pudding.

If I close my eyes and avoid every mirror – I’m 35, Svelte, and athletic. I’d embrace every new food trend and be an ambassador for healthy eating. I’d be a bastion of good will and charity … and I’d like whole wheat bread. …none of those things are particularly true. I’m no spring chicken, and haven’t been […]

Comfort Food Desserts Pudding Rice

Simmering Sweetness – Mochi Rice Pudding

Over the years, I really never warmed to the idea of rice pudding. I have had it over and over, in varying degrees of chefdom expertise, expecting it to somehow be different. But regardless of what diner, colorful commercial packaging or elevated restaurant, the promise and the hype never seem to gel into deliciousness for me. It is, after […]

Back to the Beach Desserts Gluten Free Lactose Free

Party with a Pretty Dress – Epilogue

It was a beautiful day… The End. Let me back up a bit The morning after the last wedding post, I get a message: “Where’s the end of the story?” “You’re not going to leave us there in sub-zero temps and gale force winds, are you?”“What about the cake? The desserts? The Midnight Breakfast…..” Actually, I fully intended […]

Chicken Curb Market Crawl Desserts Fig Lactose Free Side Dishes

Navigating the Rut

I know it’s inevitable, we get wrapped up in the day-to-day of our lives and really just stop thinking about certain things. We get up, dress, work, drive… We roam around in a fog doing things automatically… and we make rationalizations for it. That sandwich shop you’ve eaten a turkey on rye every day for the […]

Desserts Peach Butter Bingo

Peach Butter Bingo 2 – Peach Butter Roll

Roll That Beautiful Peach Footage…. The peach butter roll is a riff on my great grandmother Clara’s Chocolate Roll. Biscuit – based desserts are part of a group of foods I classify as “depression foods.” Times were hard, time – in general, was short as more and more people were leaving the farm in search […]

Apples Baking Desserts Nut-Free

Apple and Currant Cream Tart

My life is full of apple memories. I remember watching mesmerized as my granddad, equipped with his trusty pocket knife, cut artful, seamless spirals of apple peel sitting in his chair… My father taking huge cheek bulging half-apple bites out of his Saturday yard work snack apple… My brothers and I carefully picking our way […]

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