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DIY Projects & General Craftiness Life @ Turtle Creek Non - Food

The Scholar with a Cactus for a Head

Clara would use any bit of leftover pot or pan for a planter. Her porch and garden overflowed with chipped enamel pots of marigolds; cracked candy dishes of moss roses; a compromised pressure cooker repurposed as the singles bar for Bachelors Buttons and Old Maids. Think – Junkman’s Daughter meets Alan Titchmarsh… Jane had purchased […]

DIY Projects & General Craftiness Non - Food

DIY ~ Painting Plastic Wicker

The Backstory Some years ago we purchased a set of “natural” colored plastic wicker furniture for the back deck. It was fine for the purposes we intended. They all lived happily under a gazebo tent-like thing and rarely saw direct sunlight. Unfortunately, over the past several years, snowfall has been tremendous and the gazebo – […]

DIY Projects & General Craftiness Non - Food

The Barrel Hoop Walkway

On the northern side of the cottage, just before the land drops off dangerously sharp, I installed a deadfall garden and stumpery. A “Stumpery” is a collection of natural and unique..well… stumps and other forms of log and tree matter. These I’ve interspersed with perennials, grasses, rocks and birdhouses to create a minute haven for […]

DIY Projects & General Craftiness Gardening @ Turtle Creek Non - Food

Garden Project 2014 – A Fistful of Dollars

You know… when I started the gardening project with the Hay Bales, it was supposed to be a cheap and easy way to add a little extra produce to our grocery budget without breaking the bank. But when you get right down to it – it’s just expensive to “grow your own.” And, although I […]

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