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Warning, Turkey-Free Zone

I’m not what you call a turkey fan. I mean, I’ve cooked ’em… and, I eat ’em… But I really don’t want that half butchered carcass hanging around in the fridge for a week while I work up the nerve to re-purpose it into something less recognizable as turkey. It has just never made sense […]

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Tales Of Woe – “The one with the Cauliflower…”

The other week I picked up several (read that as five) heads of cauliflower. Do I love cauliflower? … yes, yes I do. But that isn’t the point of this tale. No, the poking and prodding to  stock up, as it were, was my nagging little inner voice concerning that absurd thing called  The Cauliflower Pizza Crust. If […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Meatier, Meat Sauce

Fennel Dee, Dee… ” I adore thinly shaved fennel tossed with a light olive oil vinaigrette, scattered on a fresh  roasted garlic and white truffle pizza.” … said by – absolutely no one at the Dahlonega Walmart… ever… And I know that because I found  Six – marked down, re-labeled, name changed and marked down again, and a […]

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