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Asian Chinese International Main Course Pork tofu

One from Column “A” – Braised Tofu with Pork

So, I used to go to this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place. It was partly because of the “other” menu, as they did serve some pretty non – standard fare… or at least they did when “the usual suspect” was dining with me. I had my first Shark Fin Soup there, my first 1000 year old […]

Gluten Free International Mexican Tamales

10 (tamales) the hard way

I guess first and foremost I should say these aren’t what you’d call authentic tamales. I didn’t learn to mix the batter on my Hispanic Nana’s lap. There were no Mexican housekeepers bringing sacks laden with those beautiful little jewels when they came to the house. Nor, have I ever lived with anyone that made them.. […]

Chicken International Main Course Weekday Meals

Weeknight Meals – Chicken with Tomato Chutney

Here’s the thing… this is probably less of a chutney and more of an affected curry. But I really hate calling things curry.. that, well… isn’t. And besides, curry just brings to mind snippets of that forgotten night where me and the donkey woke up covered in roti crumbs reeking of hookah smoke. merrr… So, […]

Asian Chinese International Main Course Rice Side Dishes

One from column “A” – Pork Fried Rice

Given that it’s essentially:  rice – some variety of diced meatage – vegetables (usually carrots and peas) and some sort of seasoning, you really wouldn’t think there would be that much differentiation between recipes and production…. stir-fry it all together and you get fried rice…. right? The possibilities for construction are endless, and if you happen to […]

International Quick Lunch Rice Saffron

Weekday Meals – Down & Dirty Paella

In a perfect world, I could prioritize my time so there’d be enough time to rake the leaves, re-organize the studio, sweep, mop, dust, make 3 trips to the local home improvement (take all my money) mart,  design and trench out the drainage system for the summer rental –  with enough time left over to whip up […]

Chinese International Pork

One From Column B – Twice Cooked Pork

Alright, it’s confession time. This really isn’t authentic Twice Cooked Pork. But in my defense, I can probably count on one hand… with 3 fingers missing… the number of times I had authentic Twice Cooked Pork in a Chinese restaurant… including my trips to Asia. I’ve decided that it has become the Chinese version of refrigerator stir […]

Chickpeas International Main Course Simple Dinner Sunday Slow Cooker

99 cans of chickpeas on the wall…

For the most part – they’ve been there a year. Back last October when I was preparing for the “Party with a Pretty Dress”, in the middle of packing the truck for the 5 hour drive, I rationally  ran to the market and picked up 15 cans of discount chickpeas. Thinking, that on top of […]

Integrale Rice International Marx Foods Rice Side Dishes

Spanish Style Brown Rice – It’s Heazy!

Um.. Heazy.. … not to be confused with dubious rapper speak referring to a particular sector of personal space. “That car was all up in my heazy… fo’ sheazy.” Several months ago… okay – like 8, I got a box of Integrale Brown Risotto Rice from Marx Foods to play around with. And as things […]

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