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Apples Desserts Easy Jams and Jellies Pie

Peering Down the Pie Hole – The Box Edition

I like an apple pie. I make a lot of them – be it dutch or cream, puree or traditional. I can usually judge how good a particular cookbook is by the quality of the pie. So, it’s probably the first thing I thumb the index for when I pick one up. I’ll even make […]

Curb Market Crawl Desserts Jams and Jellies Pie

Curb Market Crawl – Gold Rush Apples

A curb market find in late January?… I know! Granted, it’s not some heirloom, organic, micro farmed obscure tuber from Madagascar… But it’s actual real fresh stuff from a local curb market thingy…. in January! Making my weekly prowl through the mountains this past week, I really only intended to stop in at R & A Orchards in Ellijay to […]

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