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Kitchen Fodder – Meatballs Under Pressure

Curry No, I’m not talking about the little red & white can that sits in the pantry growing dust bunnies because you only pull it out once every 6 years to make those curried glazed carrots you’ve read so much about. No. That stuff is for Cretans and Malcontents.  Anywhere else in the world, curry is […]

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OPA! ~ The Moussaka Experiment

It’s a funny thing when you start researching a recipe. It begins with one simple recipe… then two; both asserting THEY are the traditional recipe. Then there’s recipes three through 15 with only 1/2 of the ingredients – also staking their claim to the birthright. Then there are the ones with potatoes for the base, and an […]

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Shank’d Again – Braised Lamb Shanks

I’d love everyone to think I buy from only the best local suppliers, the most humane breeders, the zero-hormone purveyors. But that’s just not the way life is for most people that budget for their groceries. Buying an $18 natural feed, pasture-raised roasting hen is out right stupid when you have anywhere from 8 to […]

Condiments Grilling Lamb

Weight of the World on my Lamb Shoulder…

Steaks… There’s a bit of contention when it comes to lamb shoulder steaks. There are those who believe that you should only braise them because the connective tissue – bone – and general condition of the musculature make them an unlikely candidate for anything short of 3 hours in a stew. … And then there are people […]

BBQ Green Beans Grilling Lamb Muscadines

Lammykins and the Big Pit of Fire

There’s a woman at the top of the hill that sells baby “pet” goats and sheep. It’s true, the crudely hand painted sign attests to it. “PET BABY GOATS AND SHEEP FOR SALE” Although I am inclined to believe that no one actually buys them as “pets“. The stock of hooved beasts rotates in and out, the […]

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Guest Post – From Morocco with Love ( A Moroccan Dinner)

Today is a treat. I am truly honored that I have a guest post from Jenn with Pint-Sized Pioneering. It isn’t often that I have guest posts (although, I’m wondering as I write…why the heck not?)There is something  you need to know about Jenn, actually, a couple of things.1.Jenn Raises Chickens – not the “I […]

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Simple Dinner Sunday – Shepherd’s Pie

There’s just something about slow cooked stews…and mashed potatoes. Rich, heady flavors all commingling under cover in the pot… getting to know each other… getting all cozy… trading secrets… At least that’s how I like to think of it. It’s the regular covert operations of food. Digging around in the freezer this morning I came […]

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