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Beef Main Course Peach Butter Bingo Simple Dinner Sunday

Peach Butter Bingo 4 – Peach Butter Pot Roast

Granted, I probably could have come up with a better… more creative… less vision-o-breakfast conjuring name for the pot roast… but it is what it is. This is the last of the Peach Butter Bingo recipes in the back… stop rolling your eyes…. This pot roast is deceptively simple, with a huge bang for […]

BBQ Cookout Peach Butter Bingo Peaches Pork

Peach Butter Bingo #3 – Tie One On

Bourbon ~ Peach Butter BBQ Sauce Regionally speaking, I’m not a sweet BBQ sauce kind of guy. I like ’em hot and tart. Nothing really beats a good North Carolina vinegar sauce… or that insanely mustard-y sauce from Carey Hilliard’s in Savannah (are they even open anymore? …  I really need to get down there, see […]

Desserts Peach Butter Bingo

Peach Butter Bingo 2 – Peach Butter Roll

Roll That Beautiful Peach Footage…. The peach butter roll is a riff on my great grandmother Clara’s Chocolate Roll. Biscuit – based desserts are part of a group of foods I classify as “depression foods.” Times were hard, time – in general, was short as more and more people were leaving the farm in search […]

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