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Peering down the Pie Hole ~ Summer Peach Pie

For a period of time, I lived in the attic loft of a building we operated as a rental house. It was a great space – peaceful – quiet – meditative – that is, until early summer. Because that’s when my next door neighbor’s peach tree produced fruit. And, along with everyone else on the block […]

Comfort Food Copper River Salmon Grilling Peaches Squash

Copper River Salmon – The Big Thaw

A couple of weeks ago, as part of the Fresh Catch Crew, the super folks at Copper River sent me a new box o’ salmon. It was a frozen whole frozen side of  sockeye salmon from the Prince William Sound. Prince William Sound A Sound is a large body of the ocean located between two bodies of […]

BBQ Cookout Peach Butter Bingo Peaches Pork

Peach Butter Bingo #3 – Tie One On

Bourbon ~ Peach Butter BBQ Sauce Regionally speaking, I’m not a sweet BBQ sauce kind of guy. I like ’em hot and tart. Nothing really beats a good North Carolina vinegar sauce… or that insanely mustard-y sauce from Carey Hilliard’s in Savannah (are they even open anymore? …  I really need to get down there, see […]

Cobbler Peaches

Indignation – and a Gnashing of Teeth

It’s a retraction… It’s an apology…. It’s putting things right. Good Lord!  doing this makes me feel like I’m in a bad Food Network episode of Quantum Leap. Friday morning came around and began with…. “That post…. you didn’t tell the story right… It was Clara’s peach cobbler, not Mrs. Corn’s” “I know, I couldn’t […]

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