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Goofin’ on Grandma

Oddly, I come across a recipe for Grandma Pizza about once a month. I see it… I think, “huh, all those tomatoes and oil… that can’t be good.” And I pass on to the next sexy bit of food porn that inevitably fills my inbox. Given that I’ve been craving a slice of cheesy heaven […]

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Bread Whore – The Hirohito / Mussolini Method

In another time, I might have given the dough a kinder, more compassionate name. But with that Cold War machine out there priming the pump, I’m feeling a tad evil. Generally speaking, this is the focaccia recipe from last month. – but – after making my usual weekly loaf of Hokkaido style TangZhong bread, I […]

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Copper River Wild Salmon – King and Fresh Pea Pesto Pizza

I told you last week I was going to do it… There’s a couple of reasons for this: One – King Salmon has a super high fattiness to it, so it lends itself¬†extremely¬†well to quick, high heat cooking. and Two – it’s really… really expensive. So to keep you from passing out at the market […]

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