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Cinnamon Bun French Toast

You can all blame my sister for this…. Not that it doesn’t sound like “Fat Boy Breakfast” on steroids…. because it is. But, because I never… ever… would have considered doing it if she hadn’t told Jane about what she had for Brunch yesterday. … and, Jane wanted them… …and, I can’t buy the Whack-On-The-Counter rolls […]

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Taste of Summer – Jamaican Banana Bread

I think my parents kept the Time/Life publishing company in business. For a period of time, Dad would buy every box set of music they came out with. And Jane, well it was cookbooks, of course. Not that there was anything wrong with that. From the International Series, that was a little geographic lesson, a […]

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Bread Whore – Bread, Cakes, and Knuckle Sammiches

Arguably, not my finest hour. But in my defense – I didn’t throw the first punch, and any damage I caused was in the name of self-defense… even when Eileen W. menaced the crowd with her unsettlingly heavy carpet bag purse (I kinda think she liberated J&J’s of all their fruitcakes.) To be fair, quick […]

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Hello, My Loverlies…

Okay, I know you’re supposed to let fresh sweet potatoes cure for a couple of months before you eat them. It allows the flavors to concentrate, the water evaporate and the sugars develop… But, this year’s Baleful Bounty produced some gargantuan sweet potatoes and  I just couldn’t wait any longer to get into them.. I mean… it […]

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Not another pancake…

If you’re a newcomer then you probably don’t know my particular aversion to pancakes. I know it’s irrational, and the fact that my siblings have no recollection of that never-ending year is inconsequential.Think of it like being afraid of clowns, (harmless but freakishly unnerving) I can’t do anything about it – but it’s there. I will make the occasional waffle, […]

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Put a Spoon in it…

Ideally, there would have been a post for this: I found the recipe in some page-shredded, coverless magazine while I’ve been sitting around waiting on Jane’s medical results. The fact that every other recipe in the periodical had been lifted – save this one – really should have been a tell. Conceptually it was nice: Yellow Cornmeal, Meyer Lemon […]

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The Guilty Pleasure

Okay, there’s no beating around the bush when you say guilty pleasure. Everyone wants to know what tawdry, cheap little thing knocks your boots. Thankfully… It isn’t: Desperate Housewives Jersey Shore Any of the Real Women of Trailer-Parks Sardines in a can… (but it’s close.) It’s… Yeah… I do love me some date nut bread in a can. […]

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Sleepless in Sweet Rolls

It was a sleepless night. I’m obviously still battling the remnants of whatever lung crud I got into 3 weeks ago. Along with the recent rash of rejection emails, it has destroyed my regular sleep cycle, making me irritable, cranky and down right mean. I’ve taken to lobbing insults at wrong numbers, stopping in at […]

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