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Copper River Salmon – Poked and Prodded, The Big Thaw, Part 2

You remember last week when I grilled that Tequila and Lemongrass Salmon? well…. Tequila & Lemongrass Salmon That was only part of the story. There was supposed to be  crispy salmon tacos, ancho roasted salmon and salmon skewers to go along with it for just this glutton-fest of frozen salmon. Only, I spent the morning […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – The Southern Vegetable Sandwich

It’s true, if you can slap it between two slices of white bread… Southerners will call it a sandwich. I’ve eaten my fill of table scrap sammies, chicken leg (with the conspicuous protruding bone) sandwiches. Meatloaf, banana, potato chip, all play in the mayo-white bread pool. My dad used to tell of splitting a biscuit and wedging […]

Copper River Salmon Sandwiches

The Sandwich Diaries – SSBLT

I always liked how Woolworth’s labeled the lunch counter “Luncheonette”… just to make sure you didn’t confuse it with the sundries – or plastic flowers section. I think the first time I ever had a sandwich out somewhere was probably the  Luncheonette counter at the Woolworth’s in the now gutted and reworked Cobb Center. Getting to sit […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – Pi(π)mento Cheese

For most of my adult life, I’ve called a major city home. I thrived on the crammed, multi-laned arteries winding into the city center, thrilled at the packed sidewalks and stores, immersed myself in the fighting throngs at the malls during the holidays… Thankfully, this is where I now call home. 2 and a half […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – Parma – Roma and Cabra, Oh My!

I’m not a fan of fad equipment. I have an immersion blender, not because it was the coolest thing on the Williams~Sonoma catalogue, but because I used one (a very large one) for years in my commercial  kitchens. I still use a percolator for my coffee most mornings, and It took me years to buy […]

Pork Sandwiches Slow Cooker

The Sandwich Diaries – ” Stella!!! …”

Sheesh!, What a wuss… and all I keep thinking is, isn’t he wearing just a tad too much jewelry? I can say that because I’ve never really felt about anyone or anything that strongly. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’ve been in the “I’ll do whatever it takes, fight anyone I have to, break any […]

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Some days…

… it’s about the food. Some days, it’s all about the technique and process. Some days… well, it’s just about me… and what makes me feel good. Today is one of those days. Cheese makes me happy… lots of cheese. Thank the lord that lactose intolerant gene thingy passed me by All dressed up Spreading […]

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Slaw Dog Millionaire

I’m pretty picky about my wieners… Get your smutty mind out of the gutter.. … I’m talkin’ hot dogs…. more specifically – German style wieners. And the absolute best wiener in the world is made by Schaller & Weber. (Visit them at and place an order.) There is just something about that pork and […]

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