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Eggs Gluten Free Lunch Sandwiches

Gluten-Free Crepes and a Sandwich (sideways, sort of…)

Eggs Used – 8 To be honest – I don’t make very good crepes. They always come out too pancake-y, too tough, too dough-y. I know it isn’t the recipe – it’s me. Which is probably why I came up with what I call the poor man’s version. Essentially, it was a teaspoon of self […]

Bavarian German International Main Course Meat Sandwiches Sausage

The Sandwich Diaries ~ Das Good!

Oh, Dunderbak, Oh Dunderbak,  How could you be so mean? To ever  have invented the sausage meat machine? Now all the rats and pussy cats will never more be seen, they’ve all been ground to sausages in Dunderbak’s machine. Back in the late 80’s I ran Mr. Dunderbak’s,  a German Delicatessen in Marietta. I adored […]

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