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Baleful Bounty ~ Sauce Rustica

With Summer in full swing, the garden should be producing to beat the drum. However, after the issues I had earlier in the season, I’ve played it safe on the tomatoes; I only planted one plant of a single variety ( Mountain Pride). And, since it’s a late season tomato… there isn’t anything resembling a […]

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Baleful Bounty – Frittering My Life Away

For those of you keeping vigil… Yes, I did an okra fritter back early last February. But –  With the bounty of okra I snagged from the Okra Man, and my own voluminous production… we need to repeat some things.. and the okra fritters were / are something that warrant a second look. The first time around, being […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Muscadines

(Hillbilly Grapes) About a mile or so down the road, where the road widens just a bit to accommodate a bridge, there’s this guy. He has the requisite battered pick up, the frayed plastic-strapped lawn chair, and a propane cooker teaming alive with bobbing brown gold ( goober peas…. boiled peanuts). Most days I pass him by. […]

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Spatchcocking Your Bird

– or –  How to Make a Limp Chicken You!   In the back of the class… I hear you giggling… You’re the same one that snickered when we made Spotted Dick… and Sticky Buns… Sheesh… Not every thing that sounds dirty… is. Spatchcocking is a dressing procedure that enables you to remove most of […]

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