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Kitchen Fodder ~ Gettin’ all PC (pressure cooker) on some sauce

 Test #1 of the CooksEssentials 4.5 Qt. Microwave Pressure Cooker First of all, I’m going to do a bit of housekeeping and apologize to Jane. .. the rest of you can look at the picture for a bit. You’re absolutely right… this isn’t your exact recipe. The spice blends are there.. and basically, it’s the […]

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Goofin’ on Grandma

Oddly, I come across a recipe for Grandma Pizza about once a month. I see it… I think, “huh, all those tomatoes and oil… that can’t be good.” And I pass on to the next sexy bit of food porn that inevitably fills my inbox. Given that I’ve been craving a slice of cheesy heaven […]

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Test Kitchen – The Fake Soy Sauce Reparation

Well, when we last left our hero and heroine – they had tracked down the source of a great many of Jane’s problems to certain food ingredients and combinations. At the time of the Train Ride  to Crazytown, we had only tested Soybean oil as a culprit. As it turned out – any food even […]

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Bread Whore – The Hirohito / Mussolini Method

In another time, I might have given the dough a kinder, more compassionate name. But with that Cold War machine out there priming the pump, I’m feeling a tad evil. Generally speaking, this is the focaccia recipe from last month. – but – after making my usual weekly loaf of Hokkaido style TangZhong bread, I […]

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The morel at the bottom of the bag…

I’m. Not. Happy. That’s sort of been the theme here at Turtle Creek for the past 9 months or so. Think of it as a pregnancy, only there’s no giggling little bundle of joy at the end of the turmoil…. just two people that are getting very tired of each other’s constant company. I haven’t […]

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Chicken & Waffle Redux

This is my Third Round Entry for the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge. The rules for round 3 are as follows: “For Stage 3 the 15 top vote-getters will “make over” the recipe of their choice from any of the other 15 top vote-getters, except their own. In their post, they must also specify which […]

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I love you like a Ball and Chain

This story actually begins 12 years ago when I made my first Il Timpano. Two and a half agonizing days to produce the large, tub shaped pasta, cheese, meat and sauce filled drum. Layers of savory sauces, precision sliced meats and hand-made pastas, lovingly prepared, painstakingly cooked and sleep deprived assembly to produce that culinary […]

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