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Test Kitchen 5 . 5 – Buttermilk Brioche Alternatives

Knowing that I would be trying several incarnations of the brioche loaf, I divided the initial dough batch into 3 separate portions and froze them for later experimentation. This will also work well if you want to create several different filled breads. Each 1/3 will make a loaf about the size of a cantaloupe. My […]

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Test Kitchen Five – Buttermilk Brioche

Clara, my great grandmother, always had a cow and always made her own butter. It was the duty of any visiting grand child – provided they could reach the handle – to work the butter churn. Clara would sit them down by the churn, drape aprons and dish cloths over their clothes, and put them […]

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7 Days – 7 Recipes – 7 Dozen Eggs… (and a cholesterol check-up)

Call it an experiment.. call it an obsession…¬† call it a whole lot of egg-lovin’ goin on. I typically eat a lot of eggs in a week’s time. They are my go-to food when I’m hungry and don’t know what I want…or, don’t feel like spending much time making something. If you poke your head […]

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Sometimes it isn’t Necessity – it’s a Disaster, that’s the Mother

Back last month, I was watching the tube and saw a commercial for these shrimp and lobster raviolis¬† (ready made) from some pre-packaged food stuff giant. Which usually means butter…milk…inedible. So, being the industrious kitchen-y type, I figured I could make them myself, using dairy safe products, and come up with a suitable, tasty, had-to-be-better-than-packaged […]

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