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Garden Project 2014 – The Unconsoled

For all the planning, prepping, and planting done last year, the 2013 Garden Project was a bust. The cooler than normal – wetter than normal – stranger than normal Spring wreaked havoc with the layout and the Only things that produced like I expected were the eggplants and peppers. I tried these nifty looking potato […]

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Talkin’ Swede (Part 2) – Get in my Belly

Feasting on Neeps… We’ll dispense with all that background stuff from earlier and just get to the goods today. (Head back THIS WAY if you didnt read PART 1) And, while there are a lot of tasty, ingenious ways to prepare swede out there on the internettyweb-o-matic thingy, not everyone is going to be all […]

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Talkin’ Swede (Part 1) Just the Facts, Ma’am

A Cabbage Turnip by any other name… Call it a Swede, a Neep, a Yellow Turnip, Rotabagge, Snadgers, Snarkies or Swedish Turnip, we’re talking the same language. It’s a Rutabaga. Swede is a member of the large Brassica family which includes Turnips, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, and Cabbage. Originally noted in Sweden in the early 1600’s […]

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Tales Of Woe – “The one with the Cauliflower…”

The other week I picked up several (read that as five) heads of cauliflower. Do I love cauliflower? … yes, yes I do. But that isn’t the point of this tale. No, the poking and prodding to  stock up, as it were, was my nagging little inner voice concerning that absurd thing called  The Cauliflower Pizza Crust. If […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Crookneck Squash

This past weekend in Dahlonega was Gold Rush Days. If you live here, that means barricade yourself in the house until all the tourist leave… or get out of town. We chose the latter. And since this is also the beginning of pumpkin season, apple season and the beginning of what is proving to be a very […]

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