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Make mine Deep Fried… with a side of deep fried

Everyone in the world makes fun of people from the South. It hasn’t helped much that every.. single.. food program wants to do a segment on what us silly Southerners are deep frying this time. It’s hurtful. Why not talk about any number of the world-class chefs that operate out of the South, or that […]

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Shandy Glazed Spare Ribs

Shandy – typically, a wheat beer with lemon / lime soda mixed into it. So, one day while sorting through a “mix-ur-own-6pk” allotment at the market, I came across several different makers of shandys –  I threw in a couple to try out. I know why I thought I’d like it. Back when everyone lived […]

Appetizers Asian Chicken Main Course Side Dishes

Wing It! – Asian Spiced Chicken Wings

Sooo… did you all do your homework and read yesterday’s post about sorghum syrup? good… let’s move on. I’ve always had this funny thing about chicken wings. Not particularly because we ate them all that much at home. I mean… they came attached to the chicken, but buying a package of wings? That never happened. […]

Appetizers Party with a Pretty Dress

Party with a Pretty Dress – Appetizers

We’re back for round 2 of the wedding menu. this time, it’s the appetizers. I generally consider appetizers and hors d’oeuvres that food that no one really eats because they all amped up from the ceremony and sun – and they really just want to dig into dinner…. but: a), It has to look nice […]

Appetizers Copper River Salmon Main Course Pizza

Copper River Wild Salmon – King and Fresh Pea Pesto Pizza

I told you last week I was going to do it… There’s a couple of reasons for this: One – King Salmon has a super high fattiness to it, so it lends itself extremely well to quick, high heat cooking. and Two – it’s really… really expensive. So to keep you from passing out at the market […]

Appetizers Cheese Easy

Mad Dogs, Englishmen and a Lump of Cream Cheese

Back in my younger, unsupervised days, I lived a little too close to the fire. The weekend would hit, we’d scrape off the trappings of reasonable professional people, and we’d drink. With friends in the bar business and friends in the food business… we used to drink…a lot. We’d begin the night with a late-ish […]

Appetizers Curb Market Crawl Dips

Curb Market Crawl – Groundnuts

Groundnuts – Goober Peas – Hillbilly Caviar… Peanuts. I headed out Hwy 52 West towards Elijay to check in on R & A Orchards. I had heard through the market crawler grapevine that they still might have a decent stock of late season vegetables in supply. Unfortunately, I had gotten some bad information. It had […]

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