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Curb Market Crawl ~ Roasted Apple Charlotte

I really haven’t done much poking around the curb markets this season. The opportunity to just fly willy-nilly behind the wheel, hoping to chance on some odd roadside farm stand, just didn’t present itself…. I’m a busy guy… I’ve got things to do. But, I did make the effort to stop in at The Tomato House […]

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Crumb Cake ~ The One with The Apples

About four months ago, I came across a picture of a particular apple crumb cake. No recipe, mind you… just the picture. And that kind of irked me. I’m all for finding food pictures on the internetowebbyversothing – it’s like porn, without all the uncomfortable naked bits. But like porn, it kind of leaves you […]

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Apple and Currant Cream Tart

My life is full of apple memories. I remember watching mesmerized as my granddad, equipped with his trusty pocket knife, cut artful, seamless spirals of apple peel sitting in his chair… My father taking huge cheek bulging half-apple bites out of his Saturday yard work snack apple… My brothers and I carefully picking our way […]

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Apple of my Eye – Baked Apples

“If one out of ten Americans planted 2 fruit trees, the world would be richer by nearly 6 billion pounds of fruit.” – Rosalind Creasy, Champion of edible landscaping Think about it… with that surplus of fruit, we could have a whole network of national fruit swapping going on… Backyard Georgia apple growers could swap […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Dried Apples

I stopped in to Mack ~Aaron’s Apple Barn yesterday to pick up a bag of preservative-free dried apples. They dry their own apples and these taste just like the ones my grandmothers had quietly wrinkling on sheets in the back pantry. Slow air-drying apples creates a wonderful deep, rich flavor as the drying fruit concentrates […]

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