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Asian Chinese International Main Course Pork tofu

One from Column “A” – Braised Tofu with Pork

So, I used to go to this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese place. It was partly because of the “other” menu, as they did serve some pretty non – standard fare… or at least they did when “the usual suspect” was dining with me. I had my first Shark Fin Soup there, my first 1000 year old […]

Appetizers Asian Chicken Main Course Side Dishes

Wing It! – Asian Spiced Chicken Wings

Sooo… did you all do your homework and read yesterday’s post about sorghum syrup? good… let’s move on. I’ve always had this funny thing about chicken wings. Not particularly because we ate them all that much at home. I mean… they came attached to the chicken, but buying a package of wings? That never happened. […]

Asian Chinese International Main Course Rice Side Dishes

One from column “A” – Pork Fried Rice

Given that it’s essentially:  rice – some variety of diced meatage – vegetables (usually carrots and peas) and some sort of seasoning, you really wouldn’t think there would be that much differentiation between recipes and production…. stir-fry it all together and you get fried rice…. right? The possibilities for construction are endless, and if you happen to […]

Asian Eggplant Stir-Fry

One From Column “A” – Five Spice Asian Eggplant

I’m only marginally ashamed to admit it – I buy grocery store sushi. Why? It’s brainless food. It’s a quick dinner without all the muss and fuss of actually getting in there and whooping up a tasty and healthy meal… but … I only bought one pack without really looking at what I bought, and […]

Asian Chicken Chinese Main Course

Chickety China the Chinese Chicken

Duck in the Hen House Chicken in the Duck Pond Duck Fried Chicken Crispy Fragrant Duck (Made with Chicken) Crispy Fragrant Duck is quite possibly my second favorite Asian thing that I usually wont make myself, for several reasons – none of which is I’m lazy.. With the price of duck these days, I just […]

Asian BBQ Easy Entree Grilling One Dish Dinners Pork Techniques

One From Column A – Char Siu

Brian (my partner in crime for a great many years) and I lived for Saturdays. Saturday was the day the BBQ Place (I know, a strange name for a Chinese restaurant) at Asian Square on Buford Hwy pumped out non stop Char Siu – and we stuffed ourselves in plate upon plate of  mahogany lacquered, perfectly […]

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