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Bread Whore ~ Everybody Tang – Zhong tonight!

Well, hello… So, it’s a new look. I’m all refreshed and re-energized.. and I’ve got some amazing, life-affirming crapola to sling your way… eventually… in a couple of days. But for now… It’s Bread Whore Time I wont lie, I’m a horrible baker. That doesn’t stop me from buying every freakin’ stinkin’ book that comes […]

Bread Hoarders Anonymous Breads Easter Holiday

Bread Whore – Holla’, erm… Challah!

I’m a card carrying member of Bread Hoarders Anonymous.  So, Forget that I have a package of English Muffins in the fridge (and one in the freezer). Never mind that there are a dozen buttermilk biscuits, 8 corn muffins, a bag of Tablouleh rolls, 2 packs of flour tortillas, a tube of canned biscuits, and a loaf […]

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Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread… and the resulting pudding.

If I close my eyes and avoid every mirror – I’m 35, Svelte, and athletic. I’d embrace every new food trend and be an ambassador for healthy eating. I’d be a bastion of good will and charity … and I’d like whole wheat bread. …none of those things are particularly true. I’m no spring chicken, and haven’t been […]

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Put a Spoon in it…

Ideally, there would have been a post for this: I found the recipe in some page-shredded, coverless magazine while I’ve been sitting around waiting on Jane’s medical results. The fact that every other recipe in the periodical had been lifted – save this one – really should have been a tell. Conceptually it was nice: Yellow Cornmeal, Meyer Lemon […]

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The Guilty Pleasure

Okay, there’s no beating around the bush when you say guilty pleasure. Everyone wants to know what tawdry, cheap little thing knocks your boots. Thankfully… It isn’t: Desperate Housewives Jersey Shore Any of the Real Women of Trailer-Parks Sardines in a can… (but it’s close.) It’s… Yeah… I do love me some date nut bread in a can. […]

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