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Scali Rolls – 1, Plate Fodder – 0

If you’re from the Boston area, you know what Scali Bread is. Crisp dark brown crusted bread, braided and usually sporting a copious coating of sesame seeds. The local market I frequent carries a scali roll. Crunchy, crisp crust… elastic, fragrant, tender interior. They’re honestly the best roll for a sandwich…. Forget the sandwich, they’re […]

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Test Kitchen 5 . 5 – Buttermilk Brioche Alternatives

Knowing that I would be trying several incarnations of the brioche loaf, I divided the initial dough batch into 3 separate portions and froze them for later experimentation. This will also work well if you want to create several different filled breads. Each 1/3 will make a loaf about the size of a cantaloupe. My […]

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