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Egg Smash, and Linguine Carbonara

  Since we’re still coping with the effects of the egg accident, we still have 3 or so eggs worth of liquid in the container… and I was jonzing for some pasta… and cheese… and porky goodness –   So tonight it’s Linguine Carbonara. Yeah, yeah… I know “raw eggs in pasta just doesn’t rattle […]

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Egg Smash, and the Tater Tot Frittata

  Usually, I’m pretty conscientious when I go shopping… I bring my own bags, I load my cart with fragile things tucked under or in the little flippy basket, I arrange things on the conveyor checkout thingy so bruisy – easily damaged things don’t end up under the laundry detergent, and I don’t let them […]

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The Mayo Clinic

While theoretically a sauce, mayonnaise has become the mother of all condiments in the  States. A tomato sandwich just isn’t a sandwich without mayo, and a banana sammich – if you ain’t got the mayonnaise, just forget about it. It is the basis for thousands of sandwich spreads, it is the glue – the lubrication […]

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The Sandwich Diaries ~ Egg Salad

Alright, I’m a fan of mayonnaise-based sandwich spreads. Why? Because I’m basically a lazy person. Nothing says quick eats than slicing some of that tangzhong bread, opening a container and spreading on a little (or a lot… in my case) of some ready-made spreadable stuff… Easy peasy – lunch is done. Besides, these days I’ve […]

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Buttermilk French Toast

We’ve been talking buttermilk the past couple of days, and I realize not everyone knows what I mean when I refer to “good” buttermilk. So, let’s look at the dairy counter for a bit. Undoubtedly, you’re going to see a minimum of three different kinds of buttermilk when you look at the labels – Cultured […]

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OLÉ! – kinda…

Ideally, there should be a bit of a travel story depicting my drunken body staggering into some dirty backwater, iguana-crawling, cha-cha playing, peeling concrete floored cantina somewhere down in the backwoods of the Yucatan Peninsula where I first had Chilaquiles. But that would be a fib. The drunkenness, staggering and crawling are probably correct – but I […]

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Copper River Salmon – King and Roasted Corn Omelette

 Having a plethora of fresh salmon to do my bidding makes me feel a little invincible, and yes..like something off Mount Olympus… BE A PIZZA – and  Voila! there he is – A Fresh Pea Pesto with Salmon Medallions and Caramelized Red Onions BE A ROAST – and… it’s a roast – An Open-Face  Aubergine / […]


Different is nice, but it sure isn’t pretty…

I know from “different”, I’ve been different all my life… we’re best pals. Third Child Syndrome really sort of lays the groundwork for that. The first child is the over achiever, the second gets the brains and mechanical ability, and the third…well, we get what’s left over in the gene soup … the propensity for compassion, artistic […]

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Torta di Pasta – Spaghetti Pie

Perfect can come in many forms a date a day a moment a bite… Torta di Pasta is the perfect anytime thing. It’s breakfast or a simple lunch. It is the best mid-afternoon snack pulled right out of the fridge. It’s a late night supper or an after-the-club nosh. It has even been known to […]

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