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Simple Dinner Sunday – Chard Salad With Hot Bacon Dressing

It’s funny how trends change, and something that was a fixture on every restaurant menu just vanishes from sight. In the wink of an eye… it’s just gone. I used to love spinach salads with hot bacon dressing. Crisp, dense, tightly curled spinach leaves, chopped boiled eggs, and that sweet / tart vinegary dressing laced […]

Eggs Gluten Free Lunch Sandwiches

Gluten-Free Crepes and a Sandwich (sideways, sort of…)

Eggs Used – 8 To be honest – I don’t make very good crepes. They always come out too pancake-y, too tough, too dough-y. I know it isn’t the recipe – it’s me. Which is probably why I came up with what I call the poor man’s version. Essentially, it was a teaspoon of self […]

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All That Lemony Goodness – Goin’ Dutch

Egg Day #1 – 6 eggs used I love lazing around on Sunday mornings in the fall. It gives me a chance to drink a whole pot of coffee… read the Dahlonega Nugget (twice)… and think about what I want for breakfast. Even after the pancake disasters of my youth, I still crave that bread-y, […]

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