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Garden Project 2014 – The Unconsoled

For all the planning, prepping, and planting done last year, the 2013 Garden Project was a bust. The cooler than normal – wetter than normal – stranger than normal Spring wreaked havoc with the layout and the Only things that produced like I expected were the eggplants and peppers. I tried these nifty looking potato […]

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Baleful Bounty – Dairy-Free Cheesy Enchiladas Verdes

You know, it’s funny how something so seemingly insignificant can set things in motion… The other day I was just window shopping the canned food aisle at the market….  really..  okay,  I was after a can of Pork and Beans,  but it was for research, you know… o–kay,  I wanted beans on toast… but that’s […]

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Baleful Bounty – Frittering My Life Away

For those of you keeping vigil… Yes, I did an okra fritter back early last February. But –  With the bounty of okra I snagged from the Okra Man, and my own voluminous production… we need to repeat some things.. and the okra fritters were / are something that warrant a second look. The first time around, being […]

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Baleful Bounty – A whole lotta somethin’ going on…

Whether it’s been the ungodly heat, the unpredictable rainy spells, bugs, fungi, bugs, vermin in the bales or bugs… I know – I said that 3 times.. But, I’m really trying to grow organically – and the bugs are carrying  the garden away… Passive insecticides and things made out of marigolds just isn’t doing the job. […]

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Sufferin’ Succotash !

If I were any more of a geek, that – in fact, would be my preferred cursing exclamation. It expels the appropriate amount of exasperation… it’s food related… and when you say Sufferin’ Succotash… people know you mean business… Over the years sitting on my grandmother’s porch, I became a pro at shelling limas, or […]

Hay Bale Gardening Lactose Free Vegetables

The Intruder in the Sprouts

I’s been inhumanly hot in the garden, the white flies are devastating everything with a leaf, and I scream like a little girl every time a Japanese Colossal Hornet gets within twenty feet of me (believe me, I have every right). So, needless to say, the garden is suffering. My tidy produce spot has become […]

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