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Integrale Rice International Marx Foods Rice Side Dishes

Spanish Style Brown Rice – It’s Heazy!

Um.. Heazy.. … not to be confused with dubious rapper speak referring to a particular sector of personal space. “That car was all up in my heazy… fo’ sheazy.” Several months ago… okay – like 8, I got a box of Integrale Brown Risotto Rice from Marx Foods to play around with. And as things […]

Comfort Food Dried Beans Marx Foods Sandwiches

The Sandwich Diaries – Beans on Toast

While it’s not a traditional sandwich in the sense that a Reuben or a Club is a sandwich – meat or goodies slapped between 2 or more slices of heaven – but, IF we’re going to consider open faced thingys like a Hot Brown or a Tuna Melt one, then it has to apply to Beans on […]

Beef Marx Foods Party with a Pretty Dress Salads Side Dishes

Back to the Beach – Menu Set #1

I’ve tried to come up with a way to dole out the recipes for the Party with a Pretty Dress without it being just one long, never-ending disgorging of information. Since it was a buffet, to do everything justice, I’ve decided to break the dinner apart into three separate menus that can be reproduced as individual meals, […]

Essentials Marx Foods Side Dishes Test Kitchen

The morel at the bottom of the bag…

I’m. Not. Happy. That’s sort of been the theme here at Turtle Creek for the past 9 months or so. Think of it as a pregnancy, only there’s no giggling little bundle of joy at the end of the turmoil…. just two people that are getting very tired of each other’s constant company. I haven’t […]

Citrus Fish Main Course Marx Foods Morels

Black Cod with Citrus – Saffron – and, of course Morels

Once again, we’re doing the Morel thing. Just like the 3 days before, these recipes are part of the Marx Foods Morel Recipe contest, in which I received a package of dried morels from Marx to play around with in hopes of creating something delicious. Morels, like most fungi, lends its depth of flavors very […]

Comfort Food Grilling Marx Foods Pork Potato Sudachi

Simple Dinner Sunday – Citrus Glazed Riblettes & Potato Salad

 Mustard Potato Salad or American Potato Salad… or Deli Potato Salad… You know, nothing really says “low effort meal” like deli potato salad. Pop open the lid, and you’ve got a ready-made side dish. Only today is Bear On The Square here in Dahlonega… and the flatlanders have invaded the town… You can’t get anywhere. […]

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