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Bread Whore ~ The Modern English Muffin

The other week, out of the blue, Jane says, “I’ve been trying to think what this thing is called…” “What thing..” “Breakfasty, brunchy kind of thing” “What’s in it” Poached eggs and an English muffin…” “Oh, it’s an Eggs Benedict.” She thanked me – obviously it had been nagging at her head for days. A […]

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Not another pancake…

If you’re a newcomer then you probably don’t know my particular aversion to pancakes. I know it’s irrational, and the fact that my siblings have no recollection of that never-ending year is inconsequential.Think of it like being afraid of clowns, (harmless but freakishly unnerving) I can’t do anything about it – but it’s there. I will make the occasional waffle, […]

All That Lemony Goodness Baking Muffins

All That Lemony Goodness – 五 (that’s 5)

(If you’re keeping count) I have a sweet-ish tooth. And, when I’m stressed – I want something sweet. Not the eat a bag of Ghirardelli Chocolates in one sitting kind of thing, but something to take the edge off. Being on the job hunt this past entire year… I’ve been stressed…. a lot. In order […]

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