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BBQ Green Beans Grilling Lamb Muscadines

Lammykins and the Big Pit of Fire

There’s a woman at the top of the hill that sells baby “pet” goats and sheep. It’s true, the crudely hand painted sign attests to it. “PET BABY GOATS AND SHEEP FOR SALE” Although I am inclined to believe that no one actually buys them as “pets“. The stock of hooved beasts rotates in and out, the […]

Curb Market Crawl Muscadines New Southern Classics Salad Dressings Sauces

Curb Market Crawl – Muscadines

(Hillbilly Grapes) About a mile or so down the road, where the road widens just a bit to accommodate a bridge, there’s this guy. He has the requisite battered pick up, the frayed plastic-strapped lawn chair, and a propane cooker teaming alive with bobbing brown gold ( goober peas…. boiled peanuts). Most days I pass him by. […]

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