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Getting to Yes – Double Dipped Buttermilk Chicken Nuggets

The airwaves have been inundated with the talk…  10 nuggets for $1.49. How good could they be, really. And that’s the basis of this whole exercise. The thing is, I don’t make very good fried chicken, and Jane knows it. I didn’t get that grandmotherly gene of tempering flavor / heat / coating to make […]

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Under Pressure – Crowder Pea Shellies & Dried Beans

 Another Test on the Cook’sEssentials 4.5 Qt Microwave Pressure Cooker I remember long, hot, late Autumn afternoons, when the lawns have had their last cut, the drying grass  filling the air with such a deep herbal sweetness. I remember visits to my grandparents, sitting on Evelyn’s screened porch, shelling beans and peas… which is an art. […]

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Taste of Summer – Herbed Shrimp Burgers

  Long, many years ago there once was a shack at the far end of Tybee Beach that served Shrimp Burgers. Two gals ran the place – One hidden in the back, whacking and chopping fresh Thunderbolt shrimp into mincemeat; while the other fried them up and slung the finished burgers out to a long […]

Artisanal Cheese Company New Southern Classics Pasta

“Royale With Cheese”

“And you know what they call a  Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Paris?”  … a Royale with Cheese. “ Okay, its not That Royale … but there is cheese. I’m still working my way through the Big Box O- Cheese  from Artisanal Cheese That Ed gave me over the holidays. This time, I’m doing something with […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Muscadines

(Hillbilly Grapes) About a mile or so down the road, where the road widens just a bit to accommodate a bridge, there’s this guy. He has the requisite battered pick up, the frayed plastic-strapped lawn chair, and a propane cooker teaming alive with bobbing brown gold ( goober peas…. boiled peanuts). Most days I pass him by. […]

Corn New Southern Classics

Curb Market Crawl – The Cob & Run Culprits

Every other day for the past week, there has been a bushel of corn on the front porch. Those wonderful, well-meaning do-gooders are keeping me up to the ears (pun intended) with juicy fresh corn…. and I’m not complaining….. …yet. You’ll find three distinct types of good corn up here in North Georgia. Note, I […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Dried Apples

I stopped in to Mack ~Aaron’s Apple Barn yesterday to pick up a bag of preservative-free dried apples. They dry their own apples and these taste just like the ones my grandmothers had quietly wrinkling on sheets in the back pantry. Slow air-drying apples creates a wonderful deep, rich flavor as the drying fruit concentrates […]

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