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Okra Side Dishes

Rope ’em up, Ride ’em Out – Okra Round Up

Yeah, you can say it… “I’m one of those Pod People…“ I get positively gooey when anyone just mentions okra, and I’m quite possibly one of the .005% of the okra eating population that even likes it boiled. (the 1/2 bushel last month should have been a dead give away.) So it isn’t any wonder […]

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Baleful Bounty – Frittering My Life Away

For those of you keeping vigil… Yes, I did an okra fritter back early last February. But –  With the bounty of okra I snagged from the Okra Man, and my own voluminous production… we need to repeat some things.. and the okra fritters were / are something that warrant a second look. The first time around, being […]

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Baleful Bounty – A whole lotta somethin’ going on…

Whether it’s been the ungodly heat, the unpredictable rainy spells, bugs, fungi, bugs, vermin in the bales or bugs… I know – I said that 3 times.. But, I’m really trying to grow organically – and the bugs are carrying  the garden away… Passive insecticides and things made out of marigolds just isn’t doing the job. […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Hungarian Peppers

Hot and Sweet.. that’s the way I like it. A simple lush pepper bisque is just the ticket to showcase these beautiful peppers I picked up the other day. I paired it up with a little crunch from some Crispy Cornmeal Crusted Okra. Nothing says summer like okra and peppers. Hungarian Pepper Bisque Serves 4 Ingredients […]

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The Picnic

Even in the mountains, there’s no escaping the heat. Nights have barely broken 78 degrees and the daytime temps here at Turtle Creek are a consistent, sweltering, egg frying on the pavement – 98 degrees. It’s almost enough to make a person lose their religion. But this morning, we woke to an amazing thing, 68 […]

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