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Back to the Beach – It’s all over except the dance.

… well, And the desserts,  and the midnight breakfast. But we’ll get to those at some point next week. The fridge is currently floating in wedding food and I’ll need to work through some of that before I do anything else. Okay, the last two of the dinner menu items… and a little something extra […]

Gluten Free Party with a Pretty Dress Vegan

Back to the Beach – Eggplant Parmesan

The Rehearsal Dinner The basic etiquette for invitations to the rehearsal dinner are: The Bride and Groom – easy… Check! Their respective Parents – okay… Check! Bridesmaids and spouses (slash) dates – Check and check! ditto for the Groomsmen – Big ol’ Check! and all  of the out-of-town guests – Ch * * … umm…   hmm… […]

Party with a Pretty Dress

Party with a Pretty Dress – A Balmy 38 Degrees

Welcome back! Some of you attended the event, so you know all this next stuff. but… for those of you that are just following along out of curiosity, Here… was the venue. Sa – weet!!, huh? and… that was the imagined response when we started planning the whole thing at the beach. 30 to 40 guests, […]

Appetizers Party with a Pretty Dress

Party with a Pretty Dress – Appetizers

We’re back for round 2 of the wedding menu. this time, it’s the appetizers. I generally consider appetizers and hors d’oeuvres that food that no one really eats because they all amped up from the ceremony and sun – and they really just want to dig into dinner…. but: a), It has to look nice […]

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Back to the Beach – Menu Set #1

I’ve tried to come up with a way to dole out the recipes for the Party with a Pretty Dress without it being just one long, never-ending disgorging of information. Since it was a buffet, to do everything justice, I’ve decided to break the dinner apart into three separate menus that can be reproduced as individual meals, […]

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