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All That Lemony Goodness Baking Cookies Cultured Butter Dairy Easy Lactose Free Lemon Pastry

All That Lemony Goodness – Lemon ~ Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies

  ” I want a cookie…” Generally speaking, those four words don’t usually raise shrieks of alarms in your head. But, then again… you don’t live up on the hill here at Turtle Creek; where everything tasty is filled with things that are taboo – and the list of things we can’t eat grows like that Creeping […]

Breakfast oranges Pastry Quick Breads

Sleepless in Sweet Rolls

It was a sleepless night. I’m obviously still battling the remnants of whatever lung crud I got into 3 weeks ago. Along with the recent rash of rejection emails, it has destroyed my regular sleep cycle, making me irritable, cranky and down right mean. I’ve taken to lobbing insults at wrong numbers, stopping in at […]

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