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Dumplings with Jane

Clara, my great grandmother, always kept chickens.  And while the majority of the time chickens were for eggs, old layers, non-layers and overly mean roosters made their way into the stewing pot for one of Clara’s specialties – Chicken & Dumplings. Now, a lot of people make dumplings a lot of different ways; there are those […]

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The Sandwich Diaries – The Chicken Fillet Sammich

  Ever since they showed up in the malls in the late 70’s, that chicken sandwich has become just about my favorite option for fast food. That slightly sweet coating, that perfect blend of seasoning, that steamy – steamy bun after it stews in those foil pouches… just perfection in a chicky sammich. But whatever […]

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All Stuck Up – Chicken Paella, on a Stick

I know at times, it seems that I’m all in for making simple food look impossibly difficult – 76.4% of my recipes should attest to that. But, let’s clear the air here. Contrary to what you may think, it’s not that I want to frighten the bejeezus out of you so you’ll Never want to […]

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Chicken Little ~ or, Cornish Game Hens

    Every once in a while little chickens made an appearance at the dinner table. We (the kids) felt fancy – primarily because we were eating chicken with a long, complicated name… and we got a whole bird… and we could pretend we were giants… That is, until dad saw us playing with our […]

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Old Buttermilk Sky

Buttermilk Skies – In my mind’s eye, I can see my Dad looking up at those clabbered clouds. And, in that weird lilting falsetto singing voice he reserved for commercial jingles and pre-1960’s radio songs, belting out the first line of that old Hoagy Carmicheal classic. Never any more than that… just the first line. […]

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Blind Adoration

There are a couple of television celebrity cooks … chefs… people out there that I simply adore. We share the same mindset in cooking, and I find that refreshing in what’s becoming an overcrowded attack on the senses. I think  Laura Caulder  is sublime – I love her simple, carefree attitude with cooking and her unfettered  approach to […]

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Perfecting the Perfect – Chicken Vesuvio

I can’t always tell you how I get to the initial inspiration (as it were) for a recipe – it’s either something I read; something I remembered from my childhood; a bit of oral history from my family; a dish some guy was cooking in a movie – that part doesn’t really matter. I keep a […]

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Chicken & Waffle Redux

This is my Third Round Entry for the Marx Foods Ridiculously Delicious Challenge. The rules for round 3 are as follows: “For Stage 3 the 15 top vote-getters will “make over” the recipe of their choice from any of the other 15 top vote-getters, except their own. In their post, they must also specify which […]

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Simple Dinner Sunday – Chicken & Dumplings

Oh, I know… It’s Super Bowl Sunday. I suppose I should have been a good food guy spending the week assembling piles of game day noshes and snack foods, lining up the craft beers, loading the coolers, getting the large flat screen out of storage and relishing in the general excitement and glory of the […]

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Spatchcocking Your Bird

– or –  How to Make a Limp Chicken You!   In the back of the class… I hear you giggling… You’re the same one that snickered when we made Spotted Dick… and Sticky Buns… Sheesh… Not every thing that sounds dirty… is. Spatchcocking is a dressing procedure that enables you to remove most of […]

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