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The Sandwich Diaries ~ the Meatloaf Sandwich

There’s one important thing to have when making a great meatloaf sandwich Good meatloaf…. and white bread Okay, two things meatloaf, white bread… and mayo bollocks! … three things and pickle chips Dammit! Meatloaf, in a sense, has been around since the Romans. Although with ingredients like finely chopped lamb, pine nuts, rosemary and cream, you ended up […]

International Quick Lunch Rice Saffron

Weekday Meals – Down & Dirty Paella

In a perfect world, I could prioritize my time so there’d be enough time to rake the leaves, re-organize the studio, sweep, mop, dust, make 3 trips to the local home improvement (take all my money) mart,  design and trench out the drainage system for the summer rental –  with enough time left over to whip up […]

Cheese Lunch Quick Lunch Sandwiches

The Sandwich Diaries – Parma – Roma and Cabra, Oh My!

I’m not a fan of fad equipment. I have an immersion blender, not because it was the coolest thing on the Williams~Sonoma catalogue, but because I used one (a very large one) for years in my commercial  kitchens. I still use a percolator for my coffee most mornings, and It took me years to buy […]

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Torta di Pasta – Spaghetti Pie

Perfect can come in many forms a date a day a moment a bite… Torta di Pasta is the perfect anytime thing. It’s breakfast or a simple lunch. It is the best mid-afternoon snack pulled right out of the fridge. It’s a late night supper or an after-the-club nosh. It has even been known to […]

Chicken Pasta Quick Lunch

Trottoloni with Chicken, Cioppino Onions & Mushrooms

Normally, if I’m making anything with pasta, it’s going to be something big and floppy, with lots of ridges and nooks to grab onto as much sauce as possible… like Lanterne … with their deep ridged curls that just beg to take on as much sauce as possible. Unfortunately, the pasta shop I used to […]

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