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The Pink Pig – Roasted

The Pink Pig. Those three odd little words used to conjure all kinds of wonder and joy in children when I was a little guy. Why? Because… it was a ride, A RIDE,  located high on top of the Rich’s Department Store in downtown Atlanta. They would only crank the behemoth up at Christmastime to thrill the […]

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Chicken Little ~ or, Cornish Game Hens

    Every once in a while little chickens made an appearance at the dinner table. We (the kids) felt fancy – primarily because we were eating chicken with a long, complicated name… and we got a whole bird… and we could pretend we were giants… That is, until dad saw us playing with our […]

Chicken Marinades and Glazes Poultry Roasting

Blind Adoration

There are a couple of television celebrity cooks … chefs… people out there that I simply adore. We share the same mindset in cooking, and I find that refreshing in what’s becoming an overcrowded attack on the senses. I think  Laura Caulder  is sublime – I love her simple, carefree attitude with cooking and her unfettered  approach to […]

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A day late and a dolla’ short

2011? Well, it’s over…   done with…   gone… and save for a few bright moments and flickers of joy – It was an abysmally bad year here at Turtle Creek, and one I’d really care not to repeat anytime soon. So I’m closing the books on ol’ 11 and onward and upwards to number 12. […]

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Curb Market Crawl – Big Honkin’ Carrots

I’d love to say I found these at some out of the way produce stand – tucked into the hills like some bountiful Garden of Eden. I didn’t. I don’t think any grower in their right mind would intentionally grow horse-leg carrots. I got these at that meglo-maniacal warehouse food store we all love to […]

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