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The Sandwich Diaries ~ the Meatloaf Sandwich

There’s one important thing to have when making a great meatloaf sandwich Good meatloaf…. and white bread Okay, two things meatloaf, white bread… and mayo bollocks! … three things and pickle chips Dammit! Meatloaf, in a sense, has been around since the Romans. Although with ingredients like finely chopped lamb, pine nuts, rosemary and cream, you ended up […]

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Every Day I’m Fenneling… Sausage Polenta Bake

God, I do love the internet thing when it comes to cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I treat my stack ‘o cookbooks like they’re Fort Knox. And for research ~ menu development ~ experimentation ~ food porn, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. But days like today, when I’ve got no real interest in […]

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Slaw Dog Millionaire

I’m pretty picky about my wieners… Get your smutty mind out of the gutter.. … I’m talkin’ hot dogs…. more specifically – German style wieners. And the absolute best wiener in the world is made by Schaller & Weber. (Visit them at http://www.schallerweber.com/ and place an order.) There is just something about that pork and […]

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Winner, Winner,… Sausage Dinner

I don’t win stuff. I’m not one of those good karma guys that fills out the raffle ticket and wins the  vacation of a lifetime. It just never happens…well, rarely happens. I did win a Chicago’s Greatest Hits Album when I was 14. And, I almost always got the brownies at the church Cake Walk… […]

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The Sandwich Diaries ~ Das Good!

Oh, Dunderbak, Oh Dunderbak,  How could you be so mean? To ever  have invented the sausage meat machine? Now all the rats and pussy cats will never more be seen, they’ve all been ground to sausages in Dunderbak’s machine. Back in the late 80’s I ran Mr. Dunderbak’s,  a German Delicatessen in Marietta. I adored […]

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