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Seafood Shrimp Weekday Meals

Weekday Meals – Crispy Potato Cakes with Spicy Shrimp

Oh, blame it on the copy of “Irish Pub Cooking” Jane left conspicuously lying around with Colcannon earmarked. Blame it on the fact that after I marinated two dozen shrimp destined for the grill, Jane didn’t want them. Blame it on the quart of mashed potatoes already cooked in the fridge. Blame it.. well, just blame ME. […]

Chicken Creole Main Course Rice Seafood Spicy

Cookbook Sundays – Jambalaya With Chicken and Seafood

There are classics, there are fads, and then there’s everything else. I originally bought Chef Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen way back in the 80’s because I wanted to learn how to blacken red fish. I did… it gave me monumental indigestion. Although, as a recipe, it wasn’t as terribly difficult as I had made it out in […]

Crab Seafood Simple Dinner Sunday

Simple Dinner Sunday – Blue Crab and Cod Cakes with yuzu mayonnaise

For some unknown reason, I’ve been craving crab cakes… for like a month! But wrasslin’ twenty bucks out of my pocket just to satisfy a nosh need, just doesn’t make sense. I really don’t need crab cakes… I just want them. So I’ll rationalize away the urge, pick up a pack of Krab…with a “K“.. […]

Crab Lobster Seafood Shellfish Simple Dinner Sunday

Simple Dinner Sunday – Lobster & Crab Salad

Back a couple of weeks ago, we pick up two of those pre-cooked chicken lobsters from the market with plans of doing lobster night. Although I really wasn’t expecting Lobster Bar quality, I did think they would be edible. They weren’t – they were stale, chewy, watery… just plain overcooked. Like good soldiers, we plowed […]

Fish Grilling Main Course Seafood

Birthdays, Fish… and a Comedy of Errors

During a call in regards to my recent birthday, a friend (doing the obligatory Q & A) asked if I did anything special this year… “Eh” I said “it was pretty much the same… quiet, low stress.” “You don’t really do much for your birthday, do you…” It wasn’t a question, really. It was a […]

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The Thanksgiving Onslaught

Ah, so it begins… Monday marks the start of all-day kitchen relays getting ready for that all important food gluttony holiday. You’re psyched, you’ve run sample meals and test recipes, you’ve practiced operating on limited sleep for months to get you conditioned. But, now you have a dilemma…. what are you going to feed the […]

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