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Beach Food Cookout Easy New Southern Classics Shellfish Shrimp

Taste of Summer – Herbed Shrimp Burgers

  Long, many years ago there once was a shack at the far end of Tybee Beach that served Shrimp Burgers. Two gals ran the place – One hidden in the back, whacking and chopping fresh Thunderbolt shrimp into mincemeat; while the other fried them up and slung the finished burgers out to a long […]

Seafood Shrimp Weekday Meals

Weekday Meals – Crispy Potato Cakes with Spicy Shrimp

Oh, blame it on the copy of “Irish Pub Cooking” Jane left conspicuously lying around with Colcannon earmarked. Blame it on the fact that after I marinated two dozen shrimp destined for the grill, Jane didn’t want them. Blame it on the quart of mashed potatoes already cooked in the fridge. Blame it.. well, just blame ME. […]

Back to the Beach Entree Party with a Pretty Dress Shrimp Side Dishes tofu Vegan

Back to the Beach – It’s all over except the dance.

… well, And the desserts,  and the midnight breakfast. But we’ll get to those at some point next week. The fridge is currently floating in wedding food and I’ll need to work through some of that before I do anything else. Okay, the last two of the dinner menu items… and a little something extra […]

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