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Buttermilk Cheese Cultured Butter Easy Lactose Free Lunch Soups

Lighter Options ~ Buttermilk Cheese Soup

There are soups I could eat a whole bowl… and leave wanting more. There are some I stand at the cook-top eating out of the pot – never even bothering to ladle it up and at least pretend to be civilized. … and then there are those where you can just hook up a nozzle […]

BBQ Chicken Cookout Dinner Easy Entree Lunch Soy Free Special Diet Test Kitchen

Tahini Grilled Chicken

  Yes, yes… it does day “eating allergy free” up there in the picture. But, before you go all cat lady crazy on me – let me explain. First off, I’m not calling it “All Encompassing Allergy Free” because frankly if you go that far, you’re just living off air… that’s been scrubbed… and hasn’t […]

Gardening @ Turtle Creek Non - Food

The Weekly Wildflower ~ American Beauty Berry

Say hello to Callicarpa… otherwise known as American Beauty Berry or French Mulberry. She’s a deciduous woody shrub in the Dead Nettle, or  (Lamiaceae) family.  Blooming in Early summer with rather non-descriptive flowers, the Beauty Berry show begins with – what else – the berries. Beginning in Late September, the berries begin to swell and […]

Gardening @ Turtle Creek Non - Food

The Weekly Wildflower ~ The “Non” Flowers

The obligatory disclaimer: I make no assertions nor assumptions that any of the fungi shown here are edible. I’m not a mycologist. The general rule of thumb when observing any wild flora and fungi is: “When in doubt – consider it poisonous.” While most people wouldn’t consider  Mushrooms and Toadstools flowers, in fact they really are. […]

DIY Projects & General Craftiness Non - Food

The Barrel Hoop Walkway

On the northern side of the cottage, just before the land drops off dangerously sharp, I installed a deadfall garden and stumpery. A “Stumpery” is a collection of natural and unique..well… stumps and other forms of log and tree matter. These I’ve interspersed with perennials, grasses, rocks and birdhouses to create a minute haven for […]

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