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The Pink Pig – Roasted

The Pink Pig. Those three odd little words used to conjure all kinds of wonder and joy in children when I was a little guy. Why? Because… it was a ride, A RIDE,  located high on top of the Rich’s Department Store in downtown Atlanta. They would only crank the behemoth up at Christmastime to thrill the kids – who in turn would whine, cry and then force their parents to drive all the way downtown to do their Christmas shopping. My parents either didn’t listen to us… or knew exactly what the pig was.. Either way, we never got see… let alone ride the pig. The closest we ever got to the downtown Rich’s was either on a Sunday drive (when it was closed), or occasionally to see the lighting of the Big Tree at Thanksgiving (again, when Rich’s was closed)…. My folks didn’t do gimmicks. I finally got to see the infamous “pig” some years later after I had started driving. It was a cheesy monorail… … that rattled and clanged … and moved slower than …

7 Days – 7 Recipes – 7 Dozen Eggs… (and a cholesterol check-up)

Call it an experiment.. call it an obsession…  call it a whole lot of egg-lovin’ goin on. I typically eat a lot of eggs in a week’s time. They are my go-to food when I’m hungry and don’t know what I want…or, don’t feel like spending much time making something. If you poke your head in my fridge unannounced, aside from getting smacked with a frying pan, you’re apt to see a 5-dozen carton of eggs and a handfull of boiled eggs…for, well.. just in case. Eggs are versatile, loaded in protein, and the best quick snack..or alcohol induced late-night meal – scrambling eggs gives you something to focus in on when the room is swirling around you… and they wont give you the toilet-hugging, meat sweats like those greasy little square hamburgers. Given my long-standing love affair with those calcium encased jewels – I’ve decided to devote this next week to eggs. We’ll be doing a recipe (and a story) a day – so stay tuned. Coming up on Sunday – Dutch Baby!