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Baleful Bounty Quick Breads Side Dishes Sweet Potato

Hello, My Loverlies…

Okay, I know you’re supposed to let fresh sweet potatoes cure for a couple of months before you eat them. It allows the flavors to concentrate, the water evaporate and the sugars develop… But, this year’s Baleful Bounty produced some gargantuan sweet potatoes and  I just couldn’t wait any longer to get into them.. I mean… it […]

Curb Market Crawl Pie Sweet Potato

Curb Market Crawl – White Sweet Potatoes

Back just before the local markets spiraled down into pumpkin holiday hell, I paid a visit to Farmhouse Produce just east of Dahlonega at the intersection of Long Branch and 52 east. I didn’t really expect to find a lot that late in the season, but it never hurts look. Although most of the produce […]

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