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Baleful Bounty – A whole lotta somethin’ going on…

Whether it’s been the ungodly heat, the unpredictable rainy spells, bugs, fungi, bugs, vermin in the bales or bugs… I know – I said that 3 times.. But, I’m really trying to grow organically – and the bugs are carrying  the garden away… Passive insecticides and things made out of marigolds just isn’t doing the job. […]

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The Picnic

Even in the mountains, there’s no escaping the heat. Nights have barely broken 78 degrees and the daytime temps here at Turtle Creek are a consistent, sweltering, egg frying on the pavement – 98 degrees. It’s almost enough to make a person lose their religion. But this morning, we woke to an amazing thing, 68 […]

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Week at the Beach – Something fishy going on…

You can have your flat flounders, your haddock, your  fancy smancy sea bass… it’s just fish to me. Nothing.. and I mean nothing beats Red Snapper. The texture of the skin… the near-steak quality of the flesh… the way that slightly fatty skin crisps up like char-broiled fishy chips when its grilled… The perfectly pristine […]

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