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Peering down the Pie Hole ~ Summer Peach Pie

  For a period of time, I lived in the attic loft of a building we operated as a rental house. It was a great space – peaceful – quiet … Continue reading

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Six, the Easy Way ~ Vegetable Tamales

Mexican Restaurants – Whether it’s the strength of the margaritas, the freshness of their chips, the scoville scale of their salsa, or just how “authentic” it all is; everyone has their … Continue reading

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Garden Project 2014 ~ Busy as Bees

With the recent late afternoon storms and hot , hot – ninth ring of hell hot – summer afternoons, the Early Sunglow Corn has shot up like kudzu.  Sun and … Continue reading

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Taste of Summer – Jamaican Banana Bread

  I think my parents kept the Time/Life publishing company in business. For a period of time, Dad would buy every box set of music they came out with. And … Continue reading

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All Stuck Up – Chicken Paella, on a Stick

I know at times, it seems that I’m all in for making simple food look impossibly difficult – 76.4% of my recipes should attest to that. But, let’s clear the … Continue reading

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Taste of Summer – Herbed Shrimp Burgers

Long, many years ago there once was a shack at the far end of Tybee Beach that served Shrimp Burgers. Two gals ran the place – One hidden in the … Continue reading

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Peering Down the Pie Hole – Chocolate Cherry Pie

  There is one food item you should never give anyone to eat… as a gift. Chocolate Covered Cherries. Because, regardless of how thoughtful you thought you were being, you’re going to … Continue reading

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Independence Day and the Watermelon

  I can remember sitting on my grandparents rusty, green metal slider rocker, eating watermelon. I remember how good they were. How I’d sit there, with my huge leg-sized wedge … Continue reading

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Peering Down the Pie Hole – The Box Edition

I like an apple pie. I make a lot of them – be it dutch or cream, puree or traditional. I can usually judge how good a particular cookbook is … Continue reading

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Garden Project 2014 ~ The Volunteers (Part 2)

Originally posted on A White Plate:
Sometimes, occasionally… okay, almost never – things work out exactly like we plan. Maybe it’s the grander scheme of things. Maybe it’s someone else’e…

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Garden Project 2014 ~ The Volunteers (Part 1)

Originally posted on A White Plate:
A large part of the whole gardening process is disappointment. Things you plant never grow; seeds you buy never germinate; things you never wanted…

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Weeknight Meals – Salisbury Steak

Although the creation of Salisbury Steak is attributed to Dr. J.H. Salisbury  as a means of creating a lower calorie diet in the same odd turn-of-the-century healthcare craze that gave us … Continue reading

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