The Sandwich Diaries ~ Egg Salad

The Sandwich Diaries ~ Egg Salad

Alright, I’m a fan of mayonnaise-based sandwich spreads. Why? Because I’m basically a lazy person. Nothing says quick eats than slicing some of that tangzhong bread, opening a container and spreading on a little (or a lot… in my case) of some ready-made spreadable stuff…

Easy peasy – lunch is done.

Besides, these days I’ve taken to making my own mayonnaise since I can’t find a full bodied, soy-free mayo that doesn’t taste like Miracle Whip mixed with cole slaw dressing. (I’m more the tart Duke’s, or Hellman’s kind of guy). And while I’m at it… that’s something else that’s kinda cranking my rice krispies.. so to speak. Why can’t companies that do make  a canola oil based mayo, simply use the exact same recipe as their regular mayo – and just substitute the oils. They never do. They want to monkey around with the formulation – change the ingredients – make it sweeter…….

As though the American diet doesn’t already have enough sugar floating around in it.

Any who…. I’m making my own…

… and it makes a lot…

… and it gives me a use for  some of that mayo that I’d otherwise just throw away every week.


So, Egg Salad.

You know, I used to go through a hell of a lot of effort trying different recipes for a good egg salad recipe. I’ll order one in a diner any time it’s on the menu. Vending machine egg salad  – love it. The deli has it on display… I’ll eat it out of the carton with a spoon.  And then one day it finally hit me, even with all the add-ins, seasonings, pickles – onions – chives – bacon bits – that do make a tasty spread… I really like it kind of simple. And I’ve hit on the perfect 4 ingredient combination.


 Egg Salad Sandwich Spread

Makes about 1 Pint


5 Large Boiled Eggs

12 Green Olives (The red pimento stuffed ones from the jar….. not those fancy / schmancy ones from the olive bar at the market)

1/2 Cup Mayonnaise (a good tart brand)

Black Pepper


Boil and cool the eggs to room temperature – peel

Mince the eggs with the tines of a fork. The finer you get the eggs, the better your salad will be

Mince the olives

Add the eggs, olives and mayo to a bowl and mix well until the salad is  creamy

Add the pepper and mix again

Chill completely before serving

Update May 13, 2014

Oh, Lordy… It’s a throwdown!

Mrs. Hate (over at The Discourses of Mrs. Hate {Click the linky thingy below}) Challenged that her egg salad was better than ours, and it hinges on one specific thing – Mouth Feel. Now while I still contend that the finer the better on the matter – I’ll leave it up to all you good people out there. Try them both {Find her’s here at Egg Salad – It’s all About the Mouth Feel } and judge for yourself. Bear in mind… I’ve got 5 dozen eggs with your name on them if you pick hers….

of course, I’m kidding…

… maybe…

9 thoughts on “The Sandwich Diaries ~ Egg Salad

  1. You’re on!! Lord just let me get through this day first 🙂 multi-tasking even on Mother’s Day!!

    You’re welcome…not foreseeing any disappointments. 🙂

    Check out my home memories/scratch cooking posts…have not gotten around to perfecting my WordPress category technique, but if so inclined, you can find them.

    Read your biscuit post…yes, no guilt over using self-rising White Lily. Think I pointed that out in my biscuit post. White Lily cult!!

      1. Somehow I’m feeling vaguely military-ish…skirmish, charge, or shock and awe?!?!? 🙂

        No…a gracious exchange of differing approaches to turning the absolute essence of life…an EGG, where it all starts…into egg salad.

        I’m guessing this week will be an egg-y week. 🙂

  2. Do you think there’s such a thing as “battle of the egg salads”??

    As in all things food-related, I say “yes”. 🙂

    I almost posted my fave egg salad preparation technique and recipe today (somewhat different from yours in one major, major way), but chose pimento cheese instead, because I had just seen it was the official snack food of Georgia, or however they phrased it.

    Just clicked your “follow ” button without anal retentively reading a multitude of your posts to see if I’d like your approach towards all things food. Mrs. Hate really went wild there 🙂 but I figured that if you had enough sense to like Duke’s mayonnaise…I loftily converted to Duke’s from Kraft when they sneakily changed the recipe!!!…then I’d like your writings. I see I have a lot of reading to do.

    1. Battle of the Egg Salads? BRING IT ON!

      I’ve made egg salad a multitude of ways in the past – but this is my current NEW favorite.. (it might change next week, though … you never know :))

      And thank you so much for being our newest follower, I hope not to disappoint!

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