Garden Project 2014 – The Unconsoled

Garden Project 2014 – The Unconsoled

For all the planning, prepping, and planting done last year, the 2013 Garden Project was a bust. The cooler than normal – wetter than normal – stranger than normal Spring wreaked havoc with the layout and the Only things that produced like I expected were the eggplants and peppers.


I tried these nifty looking potato cages, where you layer mulch and slips into a hay-lined cage… and Voila! (supposedly) you get a bounty of taters.

this was my “bounty”…



Don’t get excited… it was 187  potatoes ranging in size from a golf ball to a cat’s eye marble…. heavy on the marble.

So, I’ve let the failures knock a bit of the stream out of my rhubarb this year, but only a bit.

Once again we’re doing without the hay bales. I think 4 years of  hay much worked into the soil, along with composted cow manure and a healthy compliment of mushroom compost will bolster the soil perfectly well for anything I plan to grow this year.

And what is that? you ask…

Garden 2014


For starters – I’ve hedged my bets with an early garden by building suspended beds well above the rabbits and vermin. They’re constructed of hog wire, burlap, hay mulch and compost – suspended 3′ in the air on leftover corner frames from a gazebo

garden 2

In these we have Cherry Belle Radishes, Danver Carrots and Red Onions.

The radishes and onions are already making me happy.


 The remainder of the beds will all pull double duty this season, with early and late crops already in place in the beds

West Wall

Suspended – Cherry Belle Radishes / Danver Carrots / Red Onions

Ground LevelRound 1

Spinach – Asparagus – Raddichio

Round 2

 Cauliflower / Savoy Cabbage

North Wall

Round 1


Round 2

Broccoli Rabe / Cauliflower

South Wall

Round 1

Early Peas

Round 2

Okra – Clemson Spineless

Potting Shed Right

Round 1

Rainbow Chard

Early Bush Peas

Round 2

Silver Queen Corn

1/2 Runner Beans

Texas Sweet Onions

Peppers – Grand Marzano / Pimento / Sweet Banana

Potting Shed Left

Eggplant – Black Beauty / Juilette / Gypsy / Jewel (since aubergines need plenty of room to spread and keep the air flow going – they aren’t sharing space with anyone.


Sage / Cilantro / Tarragon / Parsley / Oregano (Globe) / Basil (Globe)

 I’ve also started some patty pan white squash to transplant into large pots outside the garden, although I’m not hopeful. Conditions have to be “just right” for patty pan to produce properly, and we just haven’t had those conditions here at Turtle Creek for a couple of years. Additionally, I hope that in moving the squash away from the other vegetables, I can keep the White Fly infestation to a minimum – since squash leaves are among their very favorite things to kill.


We’ll keep you abreast of the going – ons out here, and how the garden is doing. I hope at the very least you’ll find the inspiration to dig around in the dirt and get your hands & knees dirty.


As Always…

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6 thoughts on “Garden Project 2014 – The Unconsoled

  1. What a beautiful garden you have. Gardening is so relaxing, then you get to eat the product of you labor. It seems like many vegetables are growing where you are, I bet your climate is much better than San Francisco. Happy gardening!

  2. I hope you will have a bountiful garden this year. I’ve noticed that you aren’t growing tomatoes…they are the main crop in mine.

    1. I do too! Normally, I do tomatoes. But I’ve had such a infestation with white flies the past 3 years, I’m trying to get them under control by not growing their favorite foods this year. The lizards, lady bugs and Gad Flies just haven’t been able to keep up with them do even make a dent in the population.

      I did pick up a couple Mountain Pride hybrid tomato plants last week. I’ll see how they do containerized away from the main garden population.

  3. Hi Toby! I am inspired! My garden is a mess though I am slowly but surely picking up from where I left off previously. I haven’t had much luck with my lime plant. It bears no fruit 🙁 I spotted 3 flowers buds last month, they bloomed and then simply dropped off. Right now I have got some herbs going – rosemary, oregano and basil. Looking forwards to more of your garden updates.

    1. We’ll keep you posted. By the way – all of the non-food posts will now be on A White Plate, so be sure to check there as well.

      As for your citrus tree, I know they need copious amounts of nitrogen in order to produce – try what I do and plant ALL your old banana peels around your trees whenever you eat a banana – works wonders for all my nitrogen crazy plants.

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