Snacktime! ~ Honeycomb Popped Corn

Snacktime! ~ Honeycomb Popped Corn

I like me some Caramel Corn. However, the thought of popping corn, cooking a syrup, mixing it up, then baking it for 45 minutes to an hour JUST to get it where you can eat it… is  WAY more effort than I want to put in a snack.

Over a year ago while Jane and I were poking around some odd curb market, we came across a dry mix for caramel popcorn. The idea was to heat your butter and kernels in the whirly popcorn popper thing, pour in the dry mix… and Voila!, caramel corn.

You know… it actually worked.


Unfortunately, I don’t remember where we got it…. and I didn’t keep the bottle after it was empty… and any of the alternatives I’ve been able to find on the  internetowebbyversothing  have just a HUGE amount of artificial ingredients and colorants.

I decided I could make my own.. and it be JUST as good, and healthier than the manufactured stuff….

… you know… if you discount the copious amounts of butter… and sugar.


Honeycomb Popcorn Dry Mix

Makes enough for 3 batches


1/3 Cup Granulated Honey (you can buy it at health food stores, Whole Foods, International Markets)

1/3 Cup Packed DARK Brown Sugar

1/4 Cup White Granulated Sugar

2 Teaspoons Kosher Salt (Medium Crystal)

1/4 Teaspoon Ground Turmeric (Basically, sugar and salt are a bit flat. The turmeric adds a little depth to the mix as well and offering up a little natural coloration.)


Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl until everything is evenly sandy.

Tightly seal the container and you can use it for about a month – a little longer if you place one of those little silicone packs in there with it.

Once you’ve made your mix, here’s how to get killer honeycomb corn in under 5 minutes.


Honeycomb Glazed Popcorn

You’ll Need:

1 whirly thingy Popcorn Popper – Air poppers will NOT work. You need that little arm stirring the corn, oil and glaze together.

3 Tablespoons Butter or Oil

1/2 Cup Unpopped Kernels

1/3 Cup Honeycomb Mix

… then, you do this:

Melt the butter in the cooker


Add the kernels and cook until the butter begins to froth a bit


Pour the glazing mix around the OUTSIDE edge of the popper, staying away from the center of the surface

Place the lid on the popper and let pop

Once the popcorn is about 1/2 popped, carefully pick up the unit and give it a good shake

to dislodge any unpopped kernels and get them down into the heat.

Once it’s finished


Dump the honeycomb corn onto a foil lined sheet pan and allow to cool for a minute.

The popcorn will crisp up rapidly and be ready for snacking.

Honeycomb Title

You’re welcome.


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    1. Now that I’ve gotten the mix down pat (it took several tries (and a helluva lot of popper scrubbing) to get it where it didn’t adhere to the bottom and burn, I’ll play around with flavors… I’m thinking Chinese 5 spice… and maybe a BBQ.

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