Wildflower Walkabout ~ Venus’ Looking Glass

Wildflower Walkabout ~ Venus’ Looking Glass

Say hello to Triodanis perfoliata, Clasping Bellwort, or Venus’ Looking Glass. A wild member of the Campanula family which contains the more cultivated Bellflower.

Venus 1

A mere 18″ tall, the Looking Glass is an extremely showy native with single stems tilting in the breeze adorned with clasping, shell-shaped leaves and a violet 5-petaled flower emerging from the center of the leaf.

venus 3

Looking Glasses bloom May through August and are found in more open and sunny locations. Our are growing among the gravel and rocks in the front walkways.venus 2

Considered invasive in some parts of the country, the Triodanis perfoliata are self fertilizing (not really needing to be pollinated), but are huge attractants for moths, flying beetles, and other pollinators. Each seed pod produces multitudes of miniscule seeds which germinate in the fall and winter over as small leaf clusters close to the ground. Beginning in early Spring, the single ribbed stem emerges and begins flowering within a few short weeks.

Bloom Time: May through August

Description: Single ribbed stem with opposing single, rounded leaves clasping the stem at intervals

Sun: Full sun

Water: Tolerates most conditions – prefers moderately moist sunny locations

Maintenance: Low, reseeds aggressively. Early growth can be relocated into bedding location for condensed floral show.

Flower: Solid, Vivid Violet flower, with a bell shaped 5 petal appearence

Attracts:  Moths, Pollinators, Some Bees

Fruit: Miniscule seed pods located at the  termination point of the leaf

Other: Roots and leaves used for overeating pains, heartburn. Good candidate for open meadow flowers

Tolerate: Disturbed Soil but will grown in most soil conditions

Deer Resistance – None

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