One from Column “A” ~ Mongolian Beef

One from Column “A” ~ Mongolian Beef

Strictly speaking, There is no such thing as Mongolian Beef. There is a “style” of Mongolian Barbeque and a style of stewing things in a Mongolian(ish) way…. but Mongolian Beef as we know it … is an American thing.

Almost as American as Apple Pie, as it were…. I know… weird.

It varies drastically from take out menus to affected restaurants to quasi~authentico~chinesey places in shopping strip centers. So, while mine might not be what you’ve had before – I have just as much right to call it Mongolian Beef as anyone else.  And… if I’m going to be completely honest, this is better than anyone else’s….I don’t care who they are.

Right then…

You all know I’m working in a soy deficit environment. So I’m always on the job to make soy delicious things without using the actual ingredient. In our case I’m putting the Haddar Sauce to work again… so, that’s our starting point.

Depending on where you get your MB fix – the rich, sticky, sweet/salty sauce is either a mix of soy and hoisin, or soy and sugar. We’re going the sugar route because I find hoisin usually has a fair amount of soy hidden somewhere in the list of ingredients. And, frankly I prefer to make all my sauces from scratch. And, since Jane doesn’t do heat very well, this is on the mild side (which – oddly – I seem to prefer) Feel free to pop in a couple of dried chilies if you like a bit of bite.



[gmc_recipe 7524]




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